Watch Out 2017, I Was Made For This.

Just like every other person in the world, I am so excited to be starting a new year. The last few days I've been extraordinarily focused on starting fresh. I've been cleaning, organizing and purging my apartment. Getting rid of things that serve no purpose or don't make me happy anymore. I've looked into rejoining a gym to maintain what I've been able to accomplish at SoulCycle over the last year. 

But beyond all of this, I am so excited to move forward into 2017 with reckless abandon. If I am being completely honest with you all, 2016 was a huge growing year for me. After 29 years of life I truly believe that I've begun to hit my stride. I am happy and confident in the man that I've become. I have found what I am passionate about and I am working to make my dreams come true. 2017 is the year. 

So today, as I continue preparing for this new year, I will be drinking lots of coffee, listening to my January Spotify playlist (see below), and will be standing tall knowing that I am fully equipped to accomplish everything I set my mind too.