A Few Favorites.

Well, well, well...hello there. Fancy meeting you here on this beautiful day in New York City. I realize that a majority of my readers may not be in NYC, but that's where I'm currently holding fort. And it sounds so much cooler to say that I'm coming to you from The Big Apple. Five days into my trip here and I have been having an incredible time. Spending time with my old roommate. Eating incredible food. Stopping by some of my favorite coffee shops. Even meeting a few new people around the city. It's been exactly what I had hoped when I booked my tickets. And the best part of it all? I still have four more days here! Whoever said a long weekend was enough time in the City clearly didn't know what they were talking about.

The past few weeks and months have been an absolute whirlwind, in a very good way. New job. New friends. New adventures. New goals and ambitions. New music. I hate coming across corny and contrite, but I'm feeling #blessed. There have been a few things lately that I find myself not getting quite enough of - a few favorites, if you will. Nitro cold crew from a can while listening to music. Grabbing my backpack to head to the gym. Or simply kicking up my feet, relaxing, and watching a little HGTV. It's been good. Take a look at these favorites...


| Stumptown Coffee |


| Flip or Flop |


| Herschel Heritage Backpack |


| Sia - This Is Acting |

weight gurus

| Weight Gurus |