A Few of My Favorites

This is something that I planned on doing more regularly but clearly failed at.So, with this new post of daily posts, you can expect A Few of My Favorites to be posted every Friday!

A Few of My Favorites

  1. Air Plants: If you’re anything like me, you have a difficult time keeping plants alive. Well, these guys are low maintenance and don’t require much effort. Not sure how to display them? Take a look at 10 suggestions at Apartment Therapy. You can purchase these plants at stores like Home Depot or Lowes. I’ve even seen them at Walgreens
  2. Raw Almonds: In a sincere effort to cut of processed junk food, I have stocked up on raw almonds - I even keeping a container of them in my desk at work to curb snacking. The evidence towards health benefits is endless. Check out Men’s Health to see how to add almonds to your diet.
  3. Michael Kors: I recently purchased this Michael Kors Chronograph Watch during Macy’s Friends and Family Sale. Yes, a little expensive, but we’ll just write it off as a nice little present to myself. The sleek black watch is the perfect accessory to any outfit.
  4. Fancy: Why, oh WHY does this song have to get stuck in my head every time I hear it? Iggy Azalea, congratulations, you have managed to bring yet another terribly catchy song to mainstream America...
  5. Chicago Fire: I am a sucker for a good TV show and I have binged on this one so hard. Action, drama, love triangles, all taking place in my own backyard? Yea, twist my arm a little harder. I may or may not also be willing to be a recurring character on next season. Hint, hint, NBC...