A Few of My Favorites - 01.02.15

With a new year ahead of us, I have begun making a list of things that I hope to achieve. Some resolutions. Some just goals for myself. (I am not sure if I should be considering those the same thing.) But I also wanted to take one last look at 2014 and remember some of my favorite. From food festivals to new jobs, 2014 had its share of life changing events. 010215

1. Bon Appétit presents Chicago Gourmet: After hearing about it for years, I finally bit the bullet and attended Chicago Gourmet. The experience was more than I could have ever imaged it'd be and I am so grateful for the connections and opportunities that have arisen since then. You can be guaranteed that I will be attending this festival for years to come.

2. Lincoln Park, Chicago: This past July I moved to Lincoln Park in Chicago. While I loved my old apartment in Logan Square, I have been so happy with my move. Closer to friends. Closer to the lake and beach. More lively and more of my scene. In general, my move to the city last January was one of the best things that I could have done for myself. It felt as though I was finally making a conscious step forward to start creating my future.

3. Nickelodeon: After about two years at my old job, I left to start a new job in advertising sales at Nickelodeon. Thus far, the experience and opportunity has been far exceeding my expectations. I am in an industry that I love and I feel that I am being challenged both personally and professionally.

4. My Favourite Faded Fantasy: This album from Damien Rice is my favorite mainly because I have been waiting for it for almost eight years. I had almost given up on ever hearing new music again from this Irish singer and with the release of this album, he has completely redeemed himself, making up for his extended hiatus.

5. Trips to Door County, WI: My week-long vacation in Door County this past summer was incredible. Time spent with the family. Allowing myself to relax and unwind. I will never pass up the opportunity to go up North for a little rest and relaxation.