A Few of My Favorites - 06.06.14

AFoMF 06.06.14 1. Moleskin Planner: I know what you’re thinking, “Why have a physical planner when you have a smartphone that can do all of that with a single app?” There is something about having a book at my fingertips and being able to write down reminders. Moleskin is the only journal I use and definitely the only planner I use.

2. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups: The fat kid in my comes out… I purchased a party sized bag of peanut butter cups at Target the other day to keep in my desk at work. I have become known as the go-to person for candy and mints in my office. Needless to say, the bag is about ¾ gone and I brought it to the office Tuesday.

3. Stumptown Cold Brew: This is more of a longing post… When I lived in NYC, I would run over to the Ace Hotel on breaks with some friends from work and we would get Stumptown’s Cold Brew in small glass bottles. At that time, working an average of 80 hours a week, caffeine was an absolute must. This coffee hit the spot time and time again. What I would give to have one right now...

4. Spotify Playlists: I’ve been absolutely hooked on these lately. Spotify has a playlist for just about anything you could think of - morning commutes, evening commutes, dinner with friends, acoustic evenings, weekend hangouts - the options are endless. I have found more new artists in the past week than I can count.

5. Saturday’s Santalum + Cedrus Candle: Candles are awesome. This scent is perfect for any bachelor pad - sandalwood  and cedarwood aromas are matched with spicy and earthy tones. Best of all, once the candle is done, I clean it out and recycle it by using it as a whiskey glass. It’s the perfect size for a whiskey on the rocks.

6. True Blood Season 6: Out with one show (yes, I have already finish season 1 of Chicago Fire) and in with the new. I have always been one season behind on True Blood. So, as the 7th and final season rapidly approaches, I am vigorously bing watching season 6. There is something about vampires...why do I get so addicted?