A Few of My Favorites - 06.13.14

AFoMF 06.13.14 1. Pom Coconut: I fell upon this the other day while at the grocery store. I love Pom pomegranate juice. I love coconut water. But combined? Sweet Mary and Joseph, it is a match made in heaven. The two flavors compliment each other so well. I can definitely see a long future for Pom Coconut and myself...

2. Tongues by Joywave: My brother introduced this song to me a few weeks ago and I have not been able to stop listening to it. Catchy. Upbeat. In my opinion, the perfect summer song!

3. Gallery walls: As I get ready to move into my new apartment I have been going through all of my things - pictures, decorative plates, air plant terrariums. I have seen gallery walls everywhere lately and at first thought they looked rather cluttered. However, they have grown on me and I think I will probably be trying one out in my new bedroom.

4. Typewriters: A bought a Brother typewriter about a year ago. While working on my book, I found that I was having a difficult time concentrating on the writing process. Facebook, Gmail, Google - these all distracted me and took me away from what I was trying to accomplish. So I removed the distractions. It is kind of funny that I have regressed in terms of technology, but the typewriter has definitely helped my writing process. I have been able to see a huge improvement.

5. John Varvatos Rock: I've had this cologne for a while now and it as a clear first choice (among my collection of five colognes). John Varvatos describes it perfectly, "this fragrance boasts an intricate blend of rose absolute and coffee that delivers a new level of sensuality and an explosive rock ‘n roll vibe."