A Few of My Favorites - 06.20.14

AFoMF - 06.20.14

1. McDonald's Soft Serve Ice Cream: It's summer and that means one thing - ice cream. You can throw just about any flavor at me - vanilla, chocolate, moose tracks, licorice, cake batter. But at the end of the day, if you come to me with a McDonald's soft serve ice cream cone, you've instantly won my heart.

2. Bonobos Surfside Board Short: Let's face it, the short swim shorts are making their way back. Trust me, I can remember looking back at pictures of my dad with shorts halfway up his thigh and saying that there is no way I would ever sport that fad. How the tables have turned...I own two pairs of the 5" board shorts from Bonobos and I love them. They're made of a quick-drying fabric, which means you can go from the pool to the bar without leaving a slippery path behind you.

3. Tim Melideo: Tim is a photographer based out of Los Angeles. I started following him on Instagram a few months ago. His images portray a number of subjects - food, style, travel. To sum it all up, I want to live his life. How can I travel to Edinburgh and take Instagrams along the way?

4. Door County, Wisconsin: If you haven't noticed already, I love Door County. If you live in the Midwest, I implore you, take a vacation to Door County! Located on the Wisconsin Peninsula jutting into Lake Michigan, Door County is made up of a number of small coastal towns. Hiking, boating, swimming, ice cream eating - the activities are endless. I am taking a week-long vacation there in July, so I hope you won't get too sick of hearing about this place!

5. Urbanears: I purchased these headphones six years ago when I was visiting a friend in Boston. While they look like they have had better days, their quality has stayed tried and true; the sound quality is as good as the first day I bought them. With so many different color options, there are headphones to match anyone's style.