A Few of My Favorites - 06.27.14

062714 1. Dreaming Tree Crush: Within the past two weeks you are learning that Tommy is a sucker for craft beers and red wine. Dave Matthews partnered with Steve Reeder to make a collection of four wines, my favorite being the red blend called Crush. Steve explains the wines by saying, "I make wines for people to drink. I don't make wines for people to put in their cellar." Well Steve, I don't have a cellar and you better believe that I'm drinking Crush!

2. Nike Roshe Run NYC: I was on the L the other day and was staring off into space when my eyes focused on something near the ground. Blue. White. Polka dots. This dude was wearing blue and white polka dot Nikes! At the time I had no idea what specific shoes I was looking at, nor did I have any idea if they were currently being sold. When I got home I immediately went to Google to begin searching. Thanks to a little site called Flight Club, I was able to track them down and buy them. Best purchase of the month!

3. Summer Storms: Last week I moved into my new apartment in Lincoln Park and was greeted with a wonderful summer storm. The intense humidity. The sound of the rain hitting the window pane. There is nothing I love more than falling asleep to a thunderstorm.

4. Orphan Black: Why do television shows have to be so incredibly addicting? My brother has been trying to get me to watching this show for months and I finally caved in. Thank you brother! If you haven't done so, please do yourself a favor and binge watch Orphan Black. The acting is incredible and Tatiana Maslany is easy on the eyes as well. Plus, the show is packed with action and mystery.

5. Alt-J Hunger of the Pine: My first taste of Alt-J came with the release of Tessellate. The summer of 2012 was absolutely the summer of Alt-J; their debut album was on constant repeat in my car. When I found out that they are releasing their sophomore album, This Is All Yours, September 23, I was ecstatic. Let's just take a moment to revel in the fact that this group was able to sample Miley Cyrus without losing the integrity of their own song. In my books, it would be very difficult for Alt-J to do any wrong.