A Few of My Favorites - 10.03.2014

100314 1. Don't Let Me Go: This favorite goes hand-in-hand with Favorite #5. I recently binge watched on Season 5 of the Vampire Diaries in order to be caught up before the new season. This song, by RAIGN, was featured in one of the episode. I am amazed season after season at the music that they choose to include. If you do one thing after reading to blog, please, please, please go a listen to Don't Let Me Go!

2. Illume Woodfire: I went out to dinner with my cousin about a week ago and stumbled upon this little boutique in Wicker Park. Imagine a store straight out of the pages of Kinfolk Magazine and that is Una Mae's. As we were walking out of the store I picked up a candle and the rest is history. This candle from Illume is the perfect fall scent.

3. Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale: It is officially fall! As with everything else, that means pumpkin flavors have invaded everything - your lattes, Oreos, M&Ms, and even beer. I've tried many different brands and I've found this to be my favorite.

4. Melatonin: Sometimes I have a hard time falling asleep. Mind racing. Too much energy. If I really want to get a crazy good night of sleep, I pop a melatonin or two. However, word to the wise...make sure that you have a full eight hours of sleep if you take this stuff! It will knock you out.

5. The Vampire Diaries: Okay, embarrassing? Maybe. It's the guilty pleasure of this week. Nina Dobrev is drop dead gorgeous. Drama. Romance. Action. Mystery. It's got everything...