A Few of My Favorites - 11.14.14

111414 1. Stumptown Coffee: The more and more distance that has been put between me and my time at Starbucks, I am finding coffee shops, and other roasters, that I enjoy much more than my beloved addiction. Stumptown has become one of my favorites. The fact that Heritage, a few blocks from my apartment, only makes the potential for further addiction worse.

2. Clif Holiday Bars: It's the most wonderful time of the year! I love Clif Bars and these are my favorite flavors of the year! Please, go buy some while supplies last.

3. Shake Shack: Praise the Lord! Shake Shack has opened its Chicago doors. My brother and I went to Shake Shack this past Wednesday for our first visit to the Chicago location. I am beyond excited to have this burger joint 15 minutes from my apartment. Do yourself a favor and try these burgers!

4. Infinity Scarf: It is starting to get rather cold in Chicago. Reports are saying that this winter is supposed to be worse than last year. Which means that Chibera 2.0 is going to be bad... We are all going to need whatever we can get our hands on to keep us warm this winter.

5. Dick Wolf: Chicago Fire. Chicago PD. Law and Order SVU. Dick Wolf is a criminal television genius. I would love the opportunity to be on set of one of these shows. It's even more fun to be living in Chicago and watch the incredible stories of Chicago Fire and PD unfold on my television every week. Did you see that crossover even this week? WOW! Thank you Dick for giving us some of the most amazing stores on television.