A Few of My Favorites - 12.19.14

071114 I feel like it has been too long since I've done a true Few of My Favorites blog post. I've been trying to change things up with each week, making things interesting for my readers, but it is nice to go back to what you started with and what feels comfortable.

Fitbit: Since starting at my new job in Chicago, I have been wearing my Fitbit a lot more. As a result, I am starting to see how much more active I am on a day-to-day basis. Now if only I could get myself to the gym on a regular basis...

Electric Blanket: Let's face it, Chicago winters can be rough. Factor in an old apartment with less than effective insulation and it has the potential to be even worse. My bed sits right next to my window so the nights can get rather cold. My electric blanket has made things so much more bearable.

Bonobos Townsend French Terry Sweatpant: Bonobos is one of my favorite brands. The fact that you have to order the clothes online doesn't bug me at all. These sweatpants are so comfortable and are the perfect pants for a lazy weekend day.

Garrett Popcorn: My office is never without snacks. Chocolate. Chips and guac. Garrett popcorn. This stuff is a Chicago staple and I eat way too much of it when I'm sitting at my desk. I just heard today that I may or may not gain the CSR-15.

Calvin Harris Ecstacy: This song is great - Calvin Harris and HURTS? Yes. Check it out. I think it may end of being on repeat.