A Few of My Favorites...July 2012

JULY 2012! 

1. TURNTABLE KITCHEN: This may not just be one of my favorites for July…it may in fact end of being one of my favorites for 2012! I know, it is a bit premature to be making such bold statements, but I am hooked on this site! This blog combines music and food, a.k.a. two of my all-time favorite things. Music + food = one heck of a combination! Kasey and Matthew’s recipes tend to focus on fresh local ingredients, something that I have been talking a lot about in my blog. And then from there, they “pair” music with the food they feature. The site has been featured all over the place – The New York Times, The LA Times, and UrbanDaddy. Please take a few minutes to check this site out. It will be well worth your time.

2. THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF CAVALIER & CLAY: Here are two things you need to know about yours truly: I love movies and I love reading. I have a tendency to buy movies without having seen them, and buying too many books (before I have even finished the ones already on my list). I have been hearing about this book by Michael Chabon for quite some time. I wasn’t until recently that I caved in and purchased it. I am depressed to admit that I am currently finishing up the 50 Shades Trilogy. Why am I reading this? I don’t know. I guess I had to see what the fuss was all about. But, now that I have Cavalier & Clay…I am flying through 50 Shades Freed so I can move onto this (hopeful) gem!

3. PINTEREST: Ugh…addiction. Time-waster. Inspiration. Best invention ever! Pinterest is all of these things. What do I do when I have a billion things on my plate? Oh, I just sit at my computer for hours and browse Pinterest. Real valuable use of time… If you don’t have one of these yet...

1. You are behind on the times. 2. Don’t get one, you will do nothing with your life. 3. Get one immediately!

4. LULULEMON: Hands-down the best workout clothes you will ever come across! My cousin Gretchen introduced me to the brand and I have been hooked ever since. Silverescent? Yup, there are strands of silver woven into my shirts. I wear this stuff all the time – running, doing yoga, P90X.

5. THE TEMPER TRAP: I fell in love with The Temper Trap when they came out with Sweet Disposition. I knew I’d love their new album the instant I saw the cover art – seriously, could that be any cooler? I am trying to find a bigger copy of the image to frame for my future apartment.

Favorite songs on the album: London’s Burning, This Isn’t Happiness, and Never Again.

6. VEGGICHOP: You have seen this guy multiple times before, so it needs no real introduction. While it may be making me slightly lazy, I always go to this gadget when I need to dice something up – tomatoes, onions, cilantro! If you are trying to be a fancy gourmet cooker in some high-class restaurant, then maybe this isn’t the best thing for you. But if you are like me and just liking cooking a pretty kick-butt meal in the comfort of your own home – BUY THIS!

Until August...