Winter 2014 1. Intelligentsia: As you very well know, I am somewhat of a coffee snob. After 3 years of being a barista you tend to a) have an addiction to caffeine and b) know what you do and do not like in terms of coffee. For example, Starbucks? I like. Dunkin Donuts? Terrible. Since leaving Starbucks a year ago, I have slowly decrease my caffeine intake, something that I never thought possible. Going from 60+ ounces of iced coffee a day to 1 or 2 cups of coffee in the morning has been an insane transformation. A few years ago I discovered Intelligentsia, a Chicago-based coffee roasting company and shop. While I knew it was good, I felt as though I was cheating on my beloved Starbucks. However, with the Starbucks loyalty behind me, I can openly say that I wholeheartedly love Intelligentsia. It is an amazing cup of coffee.

2. Hunter Bixen Wellies: I purchased these boots when I was living in New York City almost 3 years ago (holy cow, how has it already been that long?!). These are definitely one of my go-to pairs of shoes. Even though I wear them throughout the winter, they are more of rain boots rather than snow boots. They are unfortunately not warm at all... So if you are venturing out into a polar vortex like I have on a number of occasions this winter, please put on your warmest pair of smart wool or camp socks!

3. Dexter: I have always known about this show, but I have never stayed up to date with it. After moving to the city, my roommate at I started watching it from Season 1 and we are hooked! Too bad there are certain people out there who have already ruined parts of future seasons for me. Thanks for that, I attempt to eradicate those spoilers from my memory on a daily basis...

4. Warby Parker: I recently purchased my second pair of Warby Parkers. There are so many great options to choose from. Best of all, they send you 5 pairs to try out for free before you buy a pair! For anyone looking for a new pair of glasses, be sure to browse through this website!

5. The Kinfolk Table: Here's another late realization on my part...a friend had mentioned Kinfolk Magazine a while back but I never really looked into it further. I would see things posted online or one of the magazines at the bookstore. Finally I caved and bought one. And then I bought the cookbook. I have officially seen the light and always get excited to see what Kinfolk comes up with next. The pictures, the recipes, the writing. It is all so good!

6. Hulu Plus: This website has been a saving grace since moving to Chicago. My roommate and I decided to skip out on cable. Really, there is no reason to spend money on cable when things like Hulu Plus and Netflix exist. Thanks to this website I have been able to keep up on my TV addiction (New Girl, Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, soon-to-be-back 24)!