A Night with Eataly.

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Let's set the scene:

It's a beautiful spring evening. The sun is beginning to stay out later, slightly throwing off your internal clock, it's not supposed to be light when I get off work. But it is! The windows in your apartment are constantly open, allowing a subtle breeze to drift through. The months of working out leading up to swimsuit season are finally showing results. You look hot AF.

Much to your surprise, you manage to land a hot date. You're not nervous, but it appears as though the summer fling season may be starting. You go to the store and pick up a new shirt. Teeth brushed. Hair cut. But what to do? Dinner and a movie? Boring. Mini golf? No way. You're an adult now. It's time to step things up and be classy.

The only problem, you've wasted so much time thinking about what to do, that there is no time to do anything. What to do?!


Spend an evening with Eataly. No, I am not telling you to take your date to Eataly, although that is absolutely an option. My advice is to go pick out a bottle of wine, my favorite being La Mozza. Bring said bottle of wine to the cheese and meat counter and ask them to build a charcuterie plate around the origin and flavors the wine. It's a sure-fire way to impress. Added bonus? You can sample the cheeses and meats before buying. Let's be honest, a little cheese never hurt nobody.

Lay out the spoils of the hunt, open the bottle of wine with enough time to allow it to breath. Make sure you look good. And then enjoy the evening with the perfect date, someone I like to call, "Me, Myself and I."

the wine

la mozza

the cheeses

rossellino pecorino tuscan galaverna (palagiaccio) gran tartufino (palagiaccio)

the meats

giorgios soppressata piccante prosciutto dall'ava 18 friuli nouja finocchiona