Apartment Therapy: 10 Rental Kitchen Woes

I've lived in my fair share of rental apartments, most of the on the older side and not in the best shape. Sure, sometimes there is an charm that comes with old apartments - large built-ins with glass doors, radiators that heat the rooms, beautiful crown molding. But then you get to the not so great part of renting...old apliances, ugly tiles, insufficient insolation. The worst culprite of these frustrations tends to be the kitchen, at least in my experience. No matter how charming the rest of the apartment is, the kitchen always falls short.

So, I've turned to Apartment Therapy for a little bit of help and inspiration.


Here are the 10 main rental kitchen frustrations that they highlight:

  1. Ugly or undesirable cabinets.
  2. Drawers that won't open properly.
  3. Cabinet doors that don't hang properly.
  4. Terrible lighting (this is the worst! especially when you prefer natural lighting for food photography).
  5. Ugly countertops.
  6. No countertop space.
  7. No space for a kitchen table.
  8. Little or nonexistent storage space.
  9. Ugly details.
  10. Disorganization.


I feel more and more that Apartment Therapy has a hidden camera in my apartment - so much of what they post directly parallels what I experience. For ways to help alleviate the stress that these frustrations cause, head on over to Apartment Therapy.

Note: All photography in this post is from Apartment Therapy.