Autumn in Manhattan.

'He adored New York City. He idolized it all out of, make that: he - he romanticized it all out of proportion. Yeah. To him, no matter what the season was, this was still a town that existed in black and white and pulsated to the great tunes of George Gershwin.'

-- Woody Allen

Yes, this article is called Autumn in Manhattan. Yes, I love autumn in Manhattan. Yes, I love autumn. Yes, I love Manhattan. All of these statements are true through and through. Chicago, you're kind of failing on the whole autumn front right about now. 

None the less, regardless of what city I am talking about, New York City or Chicago, this article is going to be able autumn. The changing leaves. The cool crisp air. The idea of one chapter ending a new one beginning. This is what I love. Sure, the chunky sweaters, scarves, and fingerless gloves are nice too. 

 A friend recently told me about a cocktail that she had while out for dinner. "It's a Manhattan with a fall twist," she said. After figuring out the ingredients, I played around with proportions and came up with something quite delicious. The subtle citrus notes from the orange peel, the earthiness of the black walnut bitters. It is the perfect twist on a classic to help bring in the new season.


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1 Demerara sugar cube
5 dashes black walnut bitters
Orange peel
1 ounce Benedictine liqueur
3 ounces rye whisky


  1. Place sugar cube in an old fashioned glass .
  2. Add bitters and orange peel and a small splash of water. Muddle until the sugar is crushed and is beginning to dissolve, about 1 minute.
  3. Add Benedictine liqueur, rye whisky and stir. Finish with a large ice cube, stir, and serve.