Black Velvet

Here is the dilemma I face when talking about champagne: how do you make champagne appealing to both men and women? Forgive me if I am mistaken, but I feel as though champagne has the stigma of being a feminine drink. Now, I am not going to lie and say that I don't like a glass of champagne from time to time, but it will almost never be my first choice. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, I wanted to find a way to make a champagne cocktail that edged of the side of being a man's drink

Enter GUINNESS Draught.


Ever since visiting Dublin, Ireland six years ago Guinness has been my favorite beer. Perhaps it is because of the nostalgia that is associated with the beer, but it is almost always my first choice, especially during the winter months.


Now when I first heard the idea of mixing Guinness and champagne together to create a cocktail, I thought it was the worst idea known to man. Why ruin such a perfectly good beer? But for the sake of the blog, I gave it a try. I can tell you know, having experienced the combination, that the Black Velvet cocktail is a deliciously refined drink that would be appealing to anyone and everyone.


Tomorrow we reveal our final champagne cocktail as the clock approached midnight and we ring in 2015!

Black Velvet


Guinness Irish stout champagne


  1. Pour the Guinness into a champagne flute, about half-full.
  2. Top up the glass with the champagne, being careful to ensure there is no overspill.
  3. Enjoy!