Blue Heron Coffeehouse | Winona, MN.

Blue Heron Coffeehouse
162 West 2nd Street
Winona, MN

I have to say, it's good to be home in Chicago. This past weekend I drove up to Minnesota to visit my brother for a few days. It wasn't necessarily the drive that wore me down - give me coffee, some good music and snacks, and the four and a half hour drive flies by surprisingly quick. What makes things a little more tiring is the go-go-go of the weekend.

Between Smak and The American Swede, my brother and I have a lot of material that we cultivate on a weekly basis. Living in two different states, it's rare that we are actually able to develop some of this content together, taking pictures for one another, being in posts together, bouncing ideas off one another. So put us together for a few days and we are rarely sitting still. 

After a booked morning of photo shoots, I found my stomach aching in pain. Hunger had set in, I began to get dizzy, and hanger became the dominant personality trait. 

Enter the Blue Heron Coffeehouse.

The small coffeehouse "offer[s] a diversity of menu items that promote[s] food that is local, seasonal and organically grown. [They] also advocate for sustainability and bio-diversity and cultivate a sense of community and a gathering space to support local growers, artists and musicians." It was so amazing to see a restaurant that stresses the importance of giving back to and supporting their community. And to top it off, the food was incredible. I think it is safe to say that I've found my favorite go-to in Winona, MN!