Boozy Chocolate Float.

It's Friday. It's the summer. And I am hella tired from a long week!

Someone please explain to me how short weeks always end up feeling ten times longer than a normal week. Seriously though, We had this past Monday off work for Memorial Day, leaving us to only four days. Tuesday felt like the Monday-est Tuesday there ever was. Wednesday, well, I don't even know. Thursday wasn't horrible, besides the fact that it felt like Friday. And this morning...this morning is finally Friday!

Oh how I wish we could have a long holiday weekend again, simply due to the fact that I have an insane amount of things on my to-do this. Cook. Write. Clean. Go to SoulCycle. Start packing to move (I only have a few weeks before I have to be out of my current apartment!). Attempt to create a budget and live life accordingly. Go to the grocery store. Trim my newly buzzed hair. Shove a ton of chocolate ice cream into a glass, fill it will beer and enjoy!

Yup, that's right. It's Friday. We all deserve to get a little boozy. More often than not there is nothing more refreshing than an iced cold beer or cocktail in the summer. But sometimes I just want ice cream. All of the ice cream. Here's a sure-fire way to fix all of your indulgent problems: mix the beer and the ice cream. Trust me, it is delicious.


| Boozy Chocolate Float |


chocolate ice cream
dark beer (I used a bourbon barrel-aged stout)


  1. Scoop ice cream into glass.
  2. Top beer.
  3. Drink. Enjoy. Have a dance party!