butternut risotto with caramelized onions and pepitas

i am currently sitting on my bed, incredibly sore and tired! after running the chicago marathon yesterday, i took off work today to rest a little. walking dead marathon? cleaning? cooking? yup, sounds like a good relaxing day to me! perfect way to end the day? post a new recipe! chicago marathon

so fall is finally starting to show up, and thank goodness because i am getting tired of 70 degree weather in october. this is my favorite season - crisp cool air. leaves changing color. sweaters and scarves. pumpkin spice lattes. and delicious fall meals!

friday evening i went to my friend angie's house for a little cooking and mentoring. angie is the one who i prep dinner clubs with (momofuku & la noche de españa) and i am so grateful for her being willing to take me under her wing and teach me what she knows. i may never go on to write a cookbook or win master chef, but i do want to learn to be a great home cook!

butternut risotta with caramelized onions and pepitas

i've always heard that risotto is difficult to make. after trying out this recipe, i hope you will agree with me in saying that this is not true! yes, you may need to stand by the stove, but grab a glass of wine and a friend for company and you're good to go! this recipe is easy, quick, affordable and delicious - perfect for fall date night with that special someone.

until next time...happy eating!

butternut risotto with caramelized onions and pepitas   servings: 6

ingredients: olive oil salt madeira or sherry fresh sage, chopped

6 cups chicken stock 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil 1/2 cup finely chopped yellow onions 2 cups Arborio rice 1 cup dry white wine, at room temperature 1-2 tablespoons unsalted butter 2 cups puréed butternut squash 2 oz. shredded parmesan cheese salt and freshly ground pepper pepitas


  1. caramelize onions in saucepan with olive oil, salt, chopped sage, and splash madeira or sherry.
  2. in a saucepan over medium high heat, bring the stock to a gentle simmer and maintain over a low heat.
  3. in a large, heavy saucepan, heat the oil over medium heat. add the onion and sauté until softened, about 4 minutes. Add the rice and stir until each grain is well coated  with oil and translucent with a white dot in the center, about 3 minutes. add the wine and stir until it is completely absorbed.
  4. add the simmering stock and ladleful at a time, stirring frequently after each addition. wait until the stock is almost completely absorbed (but the rice is never dry on top) before adding the next ladleful. reserve 1/4 cup stock to add at the end.
  5. when the rice is almost tender to the bite but slightly firm in the center and looks creamy, after about 20 minutes, removed from the heat and stir in butter to taste, butternut squash, parmesan cheese and the reserved 1/4 cup stock. season to taste with salt and pepper and serve immediately. top with caramelized onions and pepitas.