Cactus Juice.

Nope, nope, nope. I refuse to acknowledge that today is Monday. I don't have to get up early and workout. I don't have to go to work and do real life adult things. I don't have to get dressed and can lounge around all day. This is a reality, right? I am just dreaming that today is Monday...

And then after a day of doing absolutely nothing I am going to put on some Netflix and snuggle up on my couch. But before that I am going to mix myself a delicious drink. Something that I wouldn't drink in front of my friends. Perhaps something sweet. Something exotic. Yea, that's what I am going to do! I am going to live my best life and enjoy every minute of it. Once I put the finishing touch on - a perfect slice of lime - I will crawl back on to that couch and watch a guilty pleasure movie. Sex and the City. The Devil Wears Prada. No, I am going to drink my Cactus Juice (yes, that's what my best friend dubbed this cocktail), and watch Mandy Moore in A Walk to Remember

Yes, there will be tears. Yes, there will be drinking. Yes, there will likely be pausing to make macaroni and cheese. And yes, there will be zero second guessing every decision made on this not-Monday. Because that's what we do. We drink Cactus Juice and live our best lives. Won't you join me?


Cactus Juice


2 oz Veev®
1 oz fresh lime juice
1/2 oz agave nectar


  1. Shake all ingredients well with ice and strain into chilled martini glass.
  2. Garnish with a lime.