CG: There Really is More Than Just Food


Well, today's post turned out very differently than I had planned. Let's just say that you live and you learn in the kitchen. Last night was a learning experience in the SMAK kitchen. I learned that I am, without a doubt, terrible at baking pastries. Chef Della Gossett, your 3 point tart was not as easy as you made it seem. So to the readers, I apologize for yesterday's recipe tease. The 3-point tart with an apple pear filling meant for today may never see the light of day.

Chef Della Gossett

So it's clear that food is the main attraction when coming to Chicago Gourmet. Let's be honest, that's the reason we all spend money to go, isn't it? What you may not realize is that there are so many other booths and events that can help fill your day. On Sunday, September 28th I attended the cooking demo, Pastry Pillars, in which Chef Della Gossett walked the audience through baking a 3 point tart with a fig filling. It was exciting. It was enticing. It looked like the process would be easily recreated in the kitchen. False. I would recommend attending a demo simply for the experience of watching a master at work in the kitchen.


After you finish up a demo, head on over to the Stella Artois for a long wait in line! No, for real, the line was the entire length of the tent when I went. Why you may ask? To get the chance to take home one of the coveted Stella Artois glasses. Wait in line for a good 20 minutes and you'll be ready for that ice-cold beer and a lamb slider to go with it. The Stella booth has a number of food pairings that goers are able to sample.


Okay, so this is food. But come on, it's Chipotle. At Chicago Gourmet! There is no reason not to hit up that booth.


If you feel like sporting a little CG swag, there is a wide array of t-shirts to purchase. They may be on the pricier side, $30, but that pig illustration is awesome.

Today is only Tuesday, but the nostalgia is already creeping up on me. The warm fall sun beating down on me. The buzz of people laughing and talking. The delicious aromas coming from the grill. The incredible cocktails. Is is September 2015 right?