Chavrie Stuffed Peppadews.

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ― Clare Boothe Luce

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Once upon a time I was told that food does not have to be difficult. It is not the important whether the ingredients are the most exotic or if it takes you hours to prepare. People will not care if you combine store-bought components with ones that are made from scratch. In fact, the food does not necessarily have to be cooked in order for it to be considered incredible.

Have I always adhered to this advice? No.

More often than not, I find myself making things more difficult than they ought to be. The recipe seems too simple so I look for a more complicated one. I've used the ingredients too recently and they seem tired to me. I find the combination boring and unoriginal. So what do I do? I look for ingredients that force me on a wild goose chase throughout the city. I start recipes that take 48-hours to complete. I worry about every detail of the equation, paranoid that it will not be good enough. But the question is, good enough for who? I am not a professional chef worried about whether or not my restaurant will gain a Michelin star. I am not a competitor on Top Chef. I am a 28-year blogger who loves to cook and share with those around me.

So who cares if a dish only consists of two ingredients? And who cares if the only prep work involved is stuffing one ingredient into another? At the end of the day, my only concern is making food that I find to be delicious. Food that I want to share. Food that I want to eat again and again - something that I know I want to use for an article on Smak. Will this recipe for Chavrie Stuffed Peppadews go down in the books for being the most sophisticatedly complicated recipe? No. But are the flavors sophisticated in their simplicity? Absolutely.

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  1. Filled peppadew peppers with chavrie cheese.
  2. Enjoy!