Chorizo Tacos

What up New York memories?! Good to see you too. So this is another regular from my year in New York. My roommate and I made chorizo tacos on a number of occasions in our Upper West Side apartment. What was even better though, were the chorizo tacos that I would get regularly from a food truck that sat at the corner of Grove Street and Sheridan Square in the West Village.

I can remember one night in particular, my cousin Gretchen and I had gone out with some of her friends from Lululemon. After a night of dancing, we walked out into the streets starving. On top of that, we were met by a torrential downpour. The heavens had literally let loose. We were soaked within seconds.

Despite the rain, we so badly wanted tacos. So...we braved the rain, stood underneath small awnings, and slowly made our way to the food truck. Along the way, we met a British man who ended up paying for all of our tacos. Thank you complete random foreign stranger. You were pretty awesome.

Whenever I make tacos for myself, they end up more closely resembling a Taco Bell taco rather than an authentic taco. Shame on me... However, after learning about chorizo tacos, I think I am a changed man. I'd much rather have this. So, if you too are an American who has been sucked in by the claws of consumerism and terrible fast food...CHANGE! Learn to eat real, amazing, delicious food! Don't just eat it, make it!

There is not really a set recipe for this. I will give you an outline of the ingredients that I enjoy using, but make them your own! Change the salsa, add some hot peppers, the options are endless!

What else is amazing about this is that there really isn't much cooking that needs to be done to prepare the meal. I purchased my chorizo at my local grocery store and removed the meat from the sausage casing once at home. Ground chorizo makes for a mean taco!

Just remove from the casing and brown the meat. That's it.

This is great if you are making dinner for just yourself, or even a number of other people as well! If you are having people over, try cooking up a number of different meat options...that way everyone can choose their favorite! Make it one big taco kiki. (Not aware of the meaning of a kiki? Ever heard of the Scissor Sisters? Check out Urban Dictionary.)

Chorizo Tacos

chorizos, removed from casing and ground onion, chopped cilantro salsa (I used Frontera Tomatillo with roasted serrano and cilantro) lime wedges, squeeze over the top for a fresh kick of lime