Cold-Brew Iced Coffee

I've said it once and I'll say it again...I am addicted to coffee.  Straight-up, no other way to say it. Working at Starbucks for the past two years has done nothing but further my erratic uncontrollable addiction to caffeine.  The sad truth is that I can drink an iced trenta blackeye (that would be 30oz of iced coffee with two added shots of espresso) at 8:00pm and be able to fall asleep within minutes.  Another sad truth is that if I were not working at Starbucks...that puppy would be costing me a hefty $5.30.  That's a lot of money when you couple a Starbucks salary with a pretty harsh addiction!

It may be strange that I enjoy drinking iced coffee no matter the outside temperature - 95°F or 23°F.  I just love it that much.  But it is undeniable that iced coffee is one of the many pleasures of summer.  Writing this today, I am looking outside at grey skies and rain, lots of rain.  Summer, you currently fail.  I want it to be a perfect 82°F, the sky scattered with light clouds, and a big iced coffee in my hands, the cup dripping with condensation.

In posting this entry, I kind of feel like I am cheating on Starbucks...but I know that when my big boy job comes along I will not be getting anymore free coffee.  That means that the hefty $5.30 will be adding up...  Ultimately I will have to start being a little more frugal and financially responsible when it comes to my caffeine addiction...a horrible thought that I do not want to think too heavily on at this given moment.

So here I am, taking a note from GQ Magazine (the source of today's inspiration) and saying, "Suck it, Starbucks!"  I am going to perfect this cold-brew iced coffee and be the envy of every co-worker of mine in the real world!  I am going to make some kick-butt iced coffee.  Heck!  Maybe I should even start my own iced coffee brand....or not.  Needless to say, try this recipe out and maybe save a few bucks along the way!

That all said, try this cold brew!  It is so smooth and delicious!  No bitter aftertaste like some iced coffees come with.

Cold-Brew Iced Coffee

• Pour about a third of a pound of freshly ground coffee into a 48-ounce French press. (This makes a much stronger coffee concentrate than some recipes, but I prefer it that way.  If it really is too strong, I guess you can always weaken it by adding water...)

• Fill the press with cold water and stir to wet the coffee grounds.

• Place the French-press lid over the coffee (don't press the plunger) and leave at room temperature for at least 12 hours. The longer you leave it, the stronger the brew, the better it gets.

• Press down the plunger, pour the concentrated coffee into a pitcher, and place in the refrigerator.

• Dilute each serving of coffee 1-to-1 with ice-cold water (use more water if the coffee's too strong), pour over ice and enjoy! Serve with milk and sugar if you'd like.