How to Create a Swedish Smörgåsbord.

5 must-haves for any smörgåsbord:

Gravlax with Mustard-Dill Sauce
Pickled herring
Meatballs with cream sauce and lingonberry preserve
Almond yellow potatoes
Crisp bread

Are you sick of all this Swedish-ness yet? I sure hope not because there is a few more days of it coming your way.

When people hear about Swedish food, there are a few things that most people instinctually think - seafood, potatoes, Swedish Fish, and of course, smörgåsbord. With dish options changing based on the season, a smörgåsbord is essentially a large buffet table. Perhaps you could compare it to an American pot luck dinner, but truthfully it is much more calculated and planned out. Variety, colors, tasted and textures are all vital for a successful smörgåsbord.

Different kinds of seafood such as shrimp, salmon, pickled herring are an obvious staple at the table. Paired with other dishes such as new potatoes, Swedish meatballs, cold cuts like ham and roast-beef, eggs, breads and cheeses, this full smörgåsbord will be the idyllic cornerstone for any Swedish meal.

Aside from the food, a few drinks, the company of great friends, and a little background music will help complete the scene for a perfect gathering.