Double Cross Vodka + The Claus


I first discovered Double Cross Vodka when I worked at Shakou Sushi, a modern Japanese restaurant in Libertyville, IL. It was about two years later, at this year's Chicago Gourmet, that I was reintroduced to the brand. I met with the Midwest Regional Manager who was so helpful and informative when it came to learning a little more about the vodka. I immediately knew that I wanted to feature Double Cross Vodka on SMAK.


"Each batch of Double Cross is seven times distilled and filtered, artfully handcrafted by a master distiller using the finest estate-grown winter wheat and Tatra Mountain spring water sourced from 200 foot deep aquifers. The distinctive mineral composition of the spring water, combined with the crisp, clean character of winter wheat results in a bright, yet smooth vodka with a soft, round mouth feel."


I hate to say this, but we are rapidly approaching the holiday season - Thanksgiving in three weeks, Christmas in seven. Macy has already put their holiday decorations on display, much too early if you ask me. My golden rule is to keep all things Christmas at by until the day after Thanksgiving. I was listening to my iTunes music library the other day and a Christmas song came on. I was tempted to listen, but instead hit next.


Keeping the readers in mind, I wanted to develop a holiday drink using Double Cross Vodka. At first I thought about making a Thanksgiving-centric cocktail. Cranberry martini (aka cosmopolitan), now. Pumpkin Pie Delight, no. Turkey something or other? No. So as much as it killed me, I broke my golden rule and made a Christmas holiday cocktail called The Claus.


Pomegranate juice is one of my all time favorites and I knew that it would be the perfect base for a cocktail. I am not a master mixologist, but I have to say, in my humble opinion, I think this would be a great addition for any holiday party this year!

I've also included the recipe for The Lakeshore, a cocktail developed by Double Cross Vodka that was inspired by America's greatest city, Chicago!

The Claus


2 oz Double Cross Vodka 1 oz Pom pomegranate juice 1/2 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice 4 sage leaves pomegranate seeds simple syrup


  1. Muddle lemon juice, 3 sage leaves, a few pomegranate seeds and a dash of simple syrup together in the bottle of shaker.
  2. Add vodka and pomegranate juice to shaker, fill with ice. Shake.
  3. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with a floating sage leaf.