Energy, Pronto!

This is not a revolutionary statement, by any stretch of the imagination, but Tommy Engstrom is a coffee guy. Tea doesn't really do it for me. Pop is not in my wheelhouse of beverage options. If I want a jolt of energy, coffee is the only way to go. my adult life, coffee has become the only way to go. 

Growing up, more specifically in college when I was going out and having a little too much fun, I relied on lots of and lots of energy drinks. It wasn't just to keep me awake during my long hours at the library (which yes, I actually did do some studying while in college), I also just drank it on the regular. In the morning on my way to class, during lunch, even out at the bars I frequently had an energy drink with vodka.

I recently came across Dark Dog Energy Drink and loved it! Their drinks are USDA Organic and Non GMO Verified. Lately I have been staying up very late working on writing and editing. As a result I've been having a harder time getting up in the morning. More often than not I have not had enough time to brew my regular coffee. Dark Dog has been a lifesaver. Grabbing a can as I run out of my apartment, I've been able to get a quick dose of energy, pronto! So whether you're too lazy to make coffee before running to work, or simply love the taste of energy drinks, definitely check out Dark Dog. 


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Photography by Britta Marie Photography.