Espresso Gelato.

Lake house. Sun. Hot weather. Bonobos swim suit. Sunscreen. Bud Light Lime. It all seems like the perfect combination, right? 

This past weekend I escaped the city and fled to the lake house in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, just outside of Lake Geneva. After a stressful weekend, and little R&R was exactly what the doctor ordered. The fact that the weather was perfection was only an added bonus. After a quick stop in the suburbs to pick up my dad, we made our way north.

Honestly, not much could have put a damper on the weekend. Everything was perfect. I got to sleep in later than normal. I drank my coffee on the dock. I cooked for the blog. I spent much needed time with the family. Everything was exactly how I had hoped, that is until I went inside on Saturday evening and realized that my left shin and entire chest had turned a bright red. How in the world had this happened?! I used sunscreen the entire day. Thanks for nothing Coppertone. You ruined a perfectly perfect weekend.

And what is Tommy's fix for a weekend-gone-south? Espresso gelato. No really, I am serious. Much like some people binge on junk food after a breakup, I binge on any sort of ice cream or gelato after a crappy day. Just ask the cashiers at my local Whole Foods. I buy a pint of Talenti gelato at least once a week. It may only be 9:20am, but I am already thinking that a pint may be in order for this evening. You should join me as well. We can live tweet the experience together.


| Espresso Gelato |
Recipe from Cuisinart


1 cup heavy cream
2 cups whole milk, divided
1 cup brewed espresso
1 cup granulated sugar
2 tablespoons cornstarch
pinch sea or kosher salt
1 tablespoon liquid pectin


  1. In a medium saucepan, combine cream and 1½ cups of the milk. Set over medium/medium-low heat and bring to a simmer.

  2. While cream/milk mixture is heating, put the remaining milk, espresso, sugar, cornstarch and salt into a small-medium mixing bowl. Whisk to combine.

  3. Once milk/cream mixture comes to a simmer, add the milk/sugar mixture and stir until fully combined. While still set over medium/medium-low heat, stir continuously until mixture boils and thickens to where it can coat the back of a spoon (this will take about 15 minutes, depending on the stove being used).

  4. Remove pan from heat, stir in pectin, strain and cool to room temperature. Cover and refrigerate a minimum of at least 2 hours, or overnight. Whisk mixture together again before pouring into the ice cream maker.

  5. Pour the mixture into the mixing bowl of the Cuisinart® Ice Cream and Gelato Maker fitted with the gelato paddle. Turn unit on, set Timer and press Start. Let mix until thickened, about 40 minutes. The gelato will have a soft, creamy texture. If a firmer consistency is desired, transfer to an airtight container and place in freezer for about 2 hours. Remove from freezer about 15 minutes before serving.