Friday Favorites

chicago food blogger

Music | We Are All We Need  - My friend snapchat songs from this album all the time so finally I caved and gave it a shot. Well what do you know...I'm hooked. This album from Above & Beyond has been on repeated for the past fours.

Games | Settlers of Catan - When I first heard about this game, I thought to myself, "There is no way I will play that. Or at least admit that I like playing it." Here I am, willing to admit that this game is incredible. In the past week I've gone to my friend's house 3 times to play. Forget being embarrassed. Embrace your inner geek.

Hydration | Coconut Water - I've been trying to drink more water in the New Year. While plain water is great. I really enjoy mixing it up from time to time. Whether I am drinking it straight or using it as a base for a smoothie, coconut water is phenomenal.

Exercise | Chicago Athletic Clubs - After 2 weeks, I have managed to work out on a fairly consistent basis. I am not holding my breath, but I am finding that I am increasingly motivated to continue working out. I can feel an incredible change in the way I feel day in and day out.

Snacks | Gone Bananas - Trader Joe's has quickly become my go-to grocery store since moving to Lincoln Park (although that may change when the new Whole Foods opens). These frozen chocolate covered bananas are out of this world. The problem however, is that every time I eat the entire package in one sitting.