Grab Life by the Reins and RIDE!

Life is funny sometimes. You think that you know exactly what you want to do, what path you want your life to take, what career is best for you. You allow yourself to build that up in your mind, you get excited about it, you prepare for it, you start making steps in the direction. And then life throws a wrench in the whole thing and seemingly ruins all the plans you have. 

Here's the thing though, day by day, month by month, even year by year, I am learning that these so called "wrenches" aren't really ruining the plans that I thought I had. In reality, they are only making things that much clearer. So X, Y, and Z didn't work out quite like I thought they would. But in turn A, B, and C, whether I knew I wanted those things are not, are working out perfectly, accelerating at much quicker pace than I ever imagine. 

I realize this is all cryptic. I can't really start every detail with you at all this moment. I guess that point that I am trying to get across is that life sometimes works in mysterious ways, ways that we may not understand or like at first. But in the ends, things work out and happen for a reason. I am a true believer of that. 

While we all try to figure out this thing called life, let's listen to a little music!