Gravity Bites

Today's post isn't a new recipe, nor is it the hottest new trend in healthy living. But it is too awesome for me to ignore and not share! These images come from German designer and art director, Nora Luther. I initially came across these images on Buzzfeed and immediately fell in love with them. The task I've set for myself now is to figure out how in the world they were able to construct these awe-inspiring images and recreate versions of my own! Please take a few minutes out of your day to enjoy these images and even head on over to Nora's portfolio website to check out more of her work.

recipe photography concept "the raw ingredients rest in weightlessness. they are properly proportioned falling into the vessel where they are further processed. the image serves a foretaste not only of the dish but also of its preparation. the look of the ready cooked dish is left to your own imagination."




wowThank you Phoebe, I couldn't have said it any better myself!