Happy Bones | New York, NY.

New York Men's Fashion Week is currently going on throughout NYC. Tommy is one jealous boy. I already follow my fair share of Instagrammers who are based out of New York, but for some reason it feels like that is all I am seeing on my feed the past few days. Forget about Instagram - take one look at Snapchat and it makes me even more nostalgic for The City That Never Sleeps. 

Sometimes I have a difficult time explaining my love for New York. For the pace of life. For the restaurants. For the coffee shops. For the sounds and smells (well, forget about the smells - the scent of piss and garbage on a steamy July afternoon is not my favorite). All joking aside, during my year living in NYC, the city had a profound impact on me. I learned about life, what it means to truly struggle, work hard, and survive off of candy and rice.

Over the past few years since moving back home to Chicago, I've had a few chances to go back and to my East Coast home. No matter how long has passed, I still get that same tinge of excitement, the same butterflies in my stomach, the same urge to be there. 

Happy Bones is my favorite coffee shop that I went to during my last visit. The small space located in Nolita is simple, no overly elaborate decorations, no obnoxious branding. It is exactly what you would want from a coffee shop. Coffee. A few pastries and place to sit and relax or catch up on work.

So while all you New Yorkers are meandering about the city, I will just sit here and reminisce about the wonderful memories of NYC past.