humm Kombucha

Tommy is on cloud nine. I've had an incredible past few days in Door County, WI spending time with family and friends. Fall in Door County is the absolute best - the cool crisp air, the bright vibrant colors of the leaves changing, Oktoberfest beer at my fingertips. Sadly, everything good must come to an end. And here we are, back to another work week, and on a positive note, another work of SMAK posts!


Last Monday I featured LIVE Kombucha Soda, a company that had reached out to me in hopes of converting me to a kombucha-believer. The second company that contacted me to try their kombucha was humm. Again, I forced myself to go into the experience with an open mind. I knew that the health benefits are well documented and proven, but could I find a brand of kombucha that actually tasted good?

[vimeo 92334742 w=500 h=281]

Humm Kombucha from Katie Higgins on Vimeo.

Strawberry Lemonade was the first flavor that I tried. I opened it, took a small whiff, and smelled vinegar. Shoot, I thought to myself, I'm not going to like this one. I took a cautious sip and let it sit on my tongue a moment, expecting the intense flavor of fermentation and vinegar. But it never showed up. All I could taste was strawberry lemonade. It was delicious. The aftertaste of vinegar was even fainter than that of LIVE Soda.


With six different flavors to try (Strawberry Lemonade, Apple Sass, Lemon Ginger, Coconut Lime, Blueberry Mint and Pomegranate Lemonade), I was able to get a full spectrum of the flavors that humm offers.My favorites were Coconut Lime and Blueberry Mint. These beverages are incredible. They are healthy, they are good for you, they are living, but more than anything, they are delicious.

Thank you humm Kombucha for making me a convert.

Please do a few minutes to check out their WEBSITE and take a look at the incredible things that Michelle, Jamie and their team are doing in Bend, Oregon.