Jams of the Month | Ed. 1

rivay nyc Today is my Friday. Sweet Mary and Joseph, I am thrilled! Plans for a photo shoot, lunch and wine tomorrow. Coffee with a good friend Friday morning. Lots of writing and blogging. Even though I don't have internet, I fully plan on doing some browsing on the Worldwide Web. My friend just launched a menswear brand in NYC and I've been looking at his stuff all week. You should check it out - Rivay NYC. Oh, I am fairly confident in saying that there will be some sleeping in. Dare I say it I even plan on working on some self-care and working out too? When you have a 5-day weekend ahead of you, there isn't much that can ruin your mood.

I've shared music playlists multiple times on Smak, but I have decided to make things a little more formal - the first Wednesday of each month I will be sharing my Jams of the Month. Some songs may be brand new, others quite old, but all of them will be things that I can't help but jam out too.

So without further ado, here is September's Jams of the Month: