Jams of the Month | Ed. 3

chicago blog jams of the month 3 I do not know what has been happening in the world lately. Have the planets aligned? Has some thousand-year-old prophecy come true? Is someone throwing the entire world for a massive global version of PUNK'D?! A certain 21-year singer has been making me fangirl like you wouldn't believe and I am highly embarrassed by it. In the last two months Justin Bieber has released three new songs leading up to the release of his new album, Purpose.

While there have absolutely been days where I've listened to What Do You Mean, Sorry, and I'll Show You on repeat, I have branched out as well and found some other songs that I love. I was listening to this playlist yesterday while I was browsing through pictures of my time living in Europe - I got a little nostalgic and had to include this picture of Paris.

Je t'aime!