Jams of the Month | Ed. 7

Lately I have been having a difficult time staying on top of my personal to-do list. And when I say difficult time, I really mean it. I feel as though I have fallen so behind on my list of things to do, that the simple act of thinking about how to tackle this list is daunting enough. The way I've been acting lately is very unlike myself and it is kind of freaking me out. My apartment is a disaster. Empty trenta iced coffee cups are scattered on my desk. Clothes thrown about the floor. My bed unmade. I don't like this new Tommy. If you've followed me even for the last few months, I am sure you know that I tend to be a very organized anal-retentive individual. Everything has its place. All of my clothing hangers have to be the same type and color. DVDs alphabetized. Shoes color coordinated within categories. Clothing neatly folded, color coordinated, and stacked in my drawers. Not a speck of on any of my apartment surfaces. That's just the way that I've always been.

So here I am, March 9, 2016 and it feels as though I am at a crossroads of sorts. Do I continue down this path of stress and disorganization? Or do I man up and really start putting a sincere effort forward to get things in order? The answer is obvious. That being said, if anyone has suggestions on how to tackle the below to-do list, please speak up. I can use any and all help right now!

Tommy's Daunting To-Do List:

  • Workout 5x a weeks
  • Clean apartment
  • Laundry
  • Send package that has been sitting in my apartment for 6 months
  • Begin filming video content for Smak
  • Find freelance writing opportunities
  • Spend at least 30 minutes a day writing for something other than the blogs
  • Begin training for the 2016 Chicago Marathon
  • Wake up each morning and spend time in meditation and reflection
  • Practice my knife skills
  • Finish Mad Men The Final Season Part 2
  • Network in both the Chicago and national food arenas
  • Read
  • Write a letter to someone every week (goal, not necessarily a to-do)

In the meantime, while you and I both try to think of ways to solve my issues of over extension and disorganization, I am going to put on this month's playlist. Log on to Spotify and you can do the same! Leave comments below with any suggestions or best practices that you may have for keeping your life in order. Perhaps actually writing out this to-do list and crossing them off is an easy fix? Let me know...


Jams of the Month | Ed. 7

song - artist

Sebastian McCarty - Dancing On My Own

The Wind and The Wave - Chandelier

Shura - Touch

Josef Salvat - Paradise

Savoir Adore - Lovers Wake

The Fray - Shadow and a Dancer

The Naked And Famous - I Kill Giants

Mr Little Jeans - Waking Up (Turbotito Remix)

XYLØ - L.A. Love Song

Blonde - Feel Good (It's Alright) [feat. Karen Harding]

Lostboycrow - Love Won't Sleep

Brandon Flowers - I can Change - Kill Them With Colour Remix

Skylar Grey - Words

Pvris - You and I

Mako - Smoke Filled Room

Colours - Slow

Vaults - One Last Night - Hippie Sabotage Remix

Frank Ocean - Lost

Pvris - My House

Grizfolk - Hymnals - RAC Mix