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Ten days from now I will be sitting in a plane headed to the west coast for a vacation with my brother. Despite the fact that I just watched the movie, San Andreas, and was scared silly (I get paranoid about that stuff - it IS going to happen eventually), I cannot wait to spend ten days is Washington and Oregon.

The last time I was in the Pacific Northwest was eight years ago for my cousin's wedding. I was still in college. My hair was buzzed. I still drank frou-frou venti iced mochas, don't worry though, I didn't get the whipped cream. #classyAF I wore heinously awkward 'sporty' Ray Ban sunglasses that I thought made me look like a badass.

Needless to say, much has changed and trip out West is long overdue. To top it all off, this trip marks the beginning of some very exciting things for Smak. Things that are still in their infancy, but things that I cannot wait to launch and share with you all. Get ready - it's a big deal. Until then, listen to the newest edition of Jams of the Month and look at these amazing pictures of Seattle.

artist | song

moderat | reminder
cappa | goddess (eau claire remix)
ryder | fade away
broods | free
kolaj, quinn xcii | 100 degress (feat. quinn xcii)
ben phipps, ashe | alive
hillsong young & free | where you are
nicole millar | tremble
topic, nico santos | home (feat. nico santos)
a r i z o n a | i was wrong
christine and the queens | it
m83 | do it, try it
kaskade, zhu | in the morning
blajk | hamptons
ellie goulding | here's to us
bishop | wild horses 
vérité | weekend (penguin prison remix)

mnek | more than a miracle
rüfüs | innerbloom
bob moses | tearing me up