Jams of the Month | Ed. 11

i can see the world from here
concentrating on breathing so i see everything
say hello to this feeling so it knows you're listening

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend and enjoyed a few too many burgers and beers! As I am sure you may have noticed, Smak has been on a short hiatus this past week. Between being extremely busy at work and packing up all of my belongings to move into a new apartment, I did not have much time to set aside and write. My apologies. That being said, we are back with a new month of music!

Lately I have been getting completely lost in music. I am not talking about just a light listening here and there. I feel like all that has been filling my time recently has been music. Listening to music. Finding new music. Making new playlists. It's all I do. And to be quite frank, it is much welcomed. I find that when I am very busy or stressed out, the only way for me to calm down and stay present in the moment is to have music in the background. Whether it means me belting out to a song while unpacking boxes, or simply having music quietly on in the background at work, I need to have something there. Something to fill that uncomfortable void. 

So without further adieu, here is July's Jams of the Month. Enjoy!