As you probably already know, I absolutely love juices. I am not talking orange juice, apple juice, etc (even though I do love those as well). I am talking about freshly juiced vegetables and fruits. Nothing but pure fruit and vegetable juice straight from the source.

I first got into this craze when I moved to New York City. While working at YARD,  I ordered lunch for the office on a regular basis. Our favorite was an organic vegetarian restaurant called Terri NYC. The first few times, I branched out and tried different things...hummus avocado wrap, meatball sub, Thai chicken wrap...but my staple sandwich quickly became their buffalo chicken sandwich which was delicious. The more I ate Terri's, the more I realized that there was really only one things that I had to have - their JUICES!

This was my first real introduction to juices. I had them before, but never like this. Never so fresh. Never so delicious.

When I moved back home in December of 2011, I was not only leaving New York City behind, but I was also leaving my juice addiction. I thought I would never again enjoy the deliciousness that was the ABC Juice, Live Long and Green, or the Lady in Red. However, I only had to endure this horrid deprivation for a short while. Some family friends were at an estate sale and came across a juicer for $5.00. They knew that I had been looking for one, so they bought it for me. I later found out that this $5.00 juicer had a retail value of $300! CHA-CHING!

Not only is this an easy way to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables that you consume, but these juices taste amazing! In general, I think it is much easier for people to handle the idea of red juices. When you get to orange or green juices...I start losing them. I have always been a huge fan of green juices, so I have no understanding of how people could think they are gross. But the combinations are surprising and great. Just give it a try!

Depending on the size and power behind your juicer, it may help to chop up the vegetables into more manageable pieces.

The best part about juices - they are completely customizable! For example - the Live Long and Green juice combines cucumber, spinach, apple, lemon and ginger. If there is any flavor that seems too over powering, lessen the amount the next time you make it or even add other ingredients to balance it out. Try making combinations of your own!

Something to keep in mind...these juices are FRESH! That means that there are no preservatives to keep them lasting longer. Make sure you drink it within a few days of making it.

Again, just remember that the recipes below are just templates for your own juices! Feel free to use the recipes and amounts that I did, but don't be afraid to branch off on your own and make your juices fit your own personal tastes!


ABC Juice

3 apples 4 large carrots 2 cups sliced beets (from a jar, but feel free to use fresh ones)

Live Long and Green

1 cucumber 1 lemon 2 apples 1/4 cup ginger 1 bunch spinach