LIVE Kombucha Soda

Kombucha, kombucha...

I wrote a post about the health benefits of this beverage a few weeks ago in a post called What the Kombucha!? I was fairly straight forward in my critique on the drink. It, in my humble opinion, tasted like stale fermented beer. With a strong taste of vinegar, I had to force myself to finish each bottle. Every few months I would buy another bottle in hopes that my taste buds would change, or I would learn to like to flavor. That never happened. Each time I would plug my nose and chug it down.


Following that post I had a number of companies reach out to me, one being LIVE Kombucha Soda. The VP of Sales insisted that they began the company specifically with people like me in mind - those who know the benefits of drinking kombucha, but have a difficult time getting back the taste. With flavors mimicking that of popular pop flavors, there seemed to be something for everyone. None-the-less, I was still skeptical as I was putting the bottles into my cart at Mariano's - of course a company is going to talk up their product. It's their job.


The Line-Up: 1. Pure Doctor: "You'll recognize the delicious notes of sweet cherry, spicy clove, smooth caramel, and deep molasses for lip-smacking flavor that not only tastes good - it's good for you"

2. Revive Rootbeer: "Revive Rootbeer is creamy, bold and refreshingly smooth. It makes the perfect topper for rich vanilla ice cream or the just-right sip to quench your thirst after a long, hot day. The undertones of vanilla and bright sizzle of sassafras will take you back to a simpler time - and the health benefits of our raw, organic kombucha will make you feel young again!"

4. Culture Cola: "Culture Cola takes classic flavor known the world over and brings it to you with authenticity we dare you to deny. But this crisp pick-me-up is more than just a refreshing soft drink. It naturally refreshes your whole body!"

5. Living Limon: "Living Limon is bright and fruity for a perfectly balanced zest. When you need a drink that will quench your thirst and put a smile on your face, reach for Living Limon. Pleasantly sparkling, this citrusy beverage is more than meets the eye - it's a taste of the good life."

6. Dreamy Orange: "A sweet and tangy blend of vanilla, cream, and orange. As soon as it hits your lips you’ll remember those hot summer days when you enjoyed a dreamcicle in the sun. You can now enjoy the blissfully fresh combination of orange and cream with healthful benefits of kombucha."

7. Sparkling Ginger: "A burst of ginger, spiced just right. When you twist off crown you’ll meet the refreshing and supremely drinkable taste of ginger kombucha. Walking the line between a ginger ale and ginger beer. You’ll enjoy the complexity of ginger spices with lasting refreshment."


Compared to other kombuchas that I have tried, LIVE offers all the same health benefits, but provides incredible flavors that are not overpowered by the thick fermented flavor that I've had with other brands. While there is definitely still subtle vinegar tones to each beverage, they are nothing but an afterthought.


To say that I was pleasantly surprised by this product would be a bit of an understatement. Keep in mind, I went into this with extremely low expectations. I was expecting to not like them. After sampling the entire line, I can confidently say that I would drink every single flavor again, willingly. This is what I have been looking for since I first began drinking kombucha. A huge thank you to LIVE Kombucha Soda for making an incredible product.