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I won't lie. Valentine's Day is not my cup of tea. It never has been and quite honestly, I'm never sure it will be. The red roses. Songs about love at first sight and epic romances. Open-heart necklaces from Kay Jewelers. I don't want any of that. The one thing I will do on Valentine's Day? Sit alone in my apartment with a beer and watch romantic comedies. Perhaps that makes me a masochist, but I'm a sucker for a good love story. Just not necessarily in my own life. Maybe one day things will turn around and be different. But for now, I'm enjoying living the single life.

A while back I learned about a company named "Love With Food." Think of Birchbox, BlueApron or Turntable Kitchen's Pairing Box. The company is a subscription based, organic and all natural, snack box service. You mean I can pay for someone to send me boxes of snacks to stuff my face with?! You had me at hello!

The difference with this company? It's not just self-serving. With every snack box purchased, you are donating a meal to feed a hungry child in the US. While there are so many great and important causes to give to around the world, I was so drawn into this particular company. It is unfortunately easy to forget the hardships and poverty that people in our own country face.

Thank you "Love With Food" for helping tackle issues that people are dealing with in our own country.