Not Your Father's Root Beer Float.

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Okay, he either said, 'move to the back of the throat,' or he 'wants a root beer float.' -- Dory, from Finding Nemo

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Small Town Brewery is not so small town anymore. Heck, they even have Dory from Finding Nemo talking about it all the way in Sydney! Okay, okay...that reference is not completely appropriate considering the fact that this root beer is not so child friendly. I mean, really, can you imagine Dory getting drunk off this stuff? That would have resulted in an entirely different movie. But wait - the sequel to Finding Nemo is called Finding Dory. I can see it now. SPOILER ALERT - if you don't want to know how this movie ends, do not read the following...

Fresh off their successful search for Nemo, Marlin and Dory go out for a little celebratory drink. Water? Too bland. Juice? Too childish. Not Your Father's Root Beer? Exactly the right choice. Things get a little wild and crazy.... Sebastian from The Little Mermaid shows up and breaks out in song. Dory, being the friendly outgoing blue tang fish that she is, hops up on the coral and drops it low. In a drunken stupor, Marlin falls also in an anemone in the back of the bar. When he wakes up, Dory is nowhere to be found. He and Nemo have to go on a wild adventure to track down the whereabouts of their favorite blue friend. Don't worry though, everyone is safe and sound and is reunited as Sting sings an epic song in the background.

Clearly that is not how things will happen. Nor am I, or Small Town Brewery, condoning drunken animated fish. I simply enjoy taking a little creative liberty from time to time, is that too much to ask?

This brewery received such an overwhelming response in support of Not Your Father's Root Beer that they worked with experts to increase production and offer the beer in product form. In other words, we are all incredibly lucky and get to enjoy this sweetly alcoholic elixir in the comfort of our own homes. Even better, we are able to enjoy this 'beer' poured over vanilla ice cream.

Alcoholic root beer floats!? Yes, please!


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Not Your Father's Root Beer vanilla ice cream


  1. Place a few scoops of vanilla ice cream into a glass.
  2. Pour the Not Your Father's Root Beer over the ice cream.