Permanent Stories.


I can remember growing up, specifically in high school and college, wanting a tattoo so badly. Part of it was simply the act of rebellion, looking like I didn't fit the cookie-cutter mold that my hometown produced. Part of it generally was a desire to get tattooed. But no matter what I wanted, no matter how innocent and well-meaning the tattoo was, my parents put a hard stop to the possibility of going under the needle. 

They were so serious that my mother even insisted that we would be completely financially cut off if we got a tattoo while living under their roof. She wasn't messing around. I quickly put the notion of getting tatted up to the back on my mind, saying it for another rainy day, another day where I could dream about what I wanted but could never get. 

Fast-forward ten years and I am not a 28-year old living in Chicago, IL. No longer am I living in my parents home. No longer am I forced to follow the rules set when I was growing up. December 6, 2015. That is the day I got my first tattoo. A small cross on my left wrist. It was the exact tattoo and exact placement that I had wanted for ten years. Six months later, I was back under the needle - 40°42′51″ N 74°00′21″ W.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what my parents, or anyone else for that matter, think about my tattoos. For me, my tattoos act as a permanent story and representation of who I am and the things that I have been through. If you want to judge me for getting ink permanently on my body, go ahead. If you want to know what each means to me, go ahead, ask away. I would love to share their stories.


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