Portland Lobster Co.

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"As humans, after all, we become that which we seek. Dairy farming makes men steady and reliable and temperate; deer hunting makes men quiet and fast and sensitive; lobster fishing makes men suspicious and wily and ruthless.”

― Elizabeth Gilbert, Stern Men

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The day following an incredible wedding in Scituate, MA is open to endless possibilities. Tours on the Sam Adams Brewery. Freedom Trail tours through Boston. A game at Fenway Park. Italian food in the North End. A beer at Cheers to bring back childhood memories of sitting on the couch watching TV with your parents. But having been to Boston on numerous prior occasions and spending the two days leading up to the wedding FitBit-ing your way through Boston, a little change of scenery seemed much welcomed.

So with that, my mom and I took the early train from Quincy to Boston, rented a car in the pouring rain, and began making our way up the East Coast.

While the consistent rain tried to put a damper on the day (trust me, driving was not a fun task), I wanted to take advantage of our vacation to the East Coast. We had already planned on making the hour drive north to Portsmouth, NE, but made a last minute decision to drive even further over the boarder into Maine. My mom and I looked at each other, "We have to do it for the fresh Maine lobster!"

There are  two types of seafood restaurants: the type with crisp white linen tablecloths and fine wines and sauces and then the type right next to the water with paper plates, thin paper napkins and beer to wash down your meal.

Portland Lobster Co. is definitely the latter of the two, but it fit exactly what we were looking for: a place to dry off, a restaurant by the water, and lobster, lots and lots of lobster. To top it off, you're given a flashing lobster pager that alerts you when your food is ready. Let's be honest. Who doesn't want a flashing lobster pager?!

This restaurant may fall into the touristy category of places to eat, but when it offers everything you could want in a Maine restaurant, why complain? There is nothing quite like sitting on the Maine coast, a fog hanging in the air with a light drizzle, enjoying fresh lobster with your incredible mother. 

I am definitely longing for a little mother-son time just thinking about it. That and a delicious lobster roll!