Ramen-san | Chicago, IL.

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As the weather slowly starts shifting from hot summer days to cool crisp fall days, so too does food, shifting from light refreshing options to warm and comforting meals. Could you imagine eating a hearty chili or stew on a 90 degree day in July? It just doesn't seem fitting. 

As much dismay as it brings me, the end of summer also means the end of rooftop season. So, where to next? Do you find restaurants that make you long for summer months once again (Summer House Santa Monica, Three Dots and a Dash, Hampton Social)? Let's be real - the next two seasons can be long, it's better to find something comforting. Like cilantro-lime margaritas, 90s hip-hop and ramen.

Enter Ramen-san.

Easily one of my favorite ramen spots in Chicago, this restaurant will help you ease into the cooler Chicago months. With choices like seared duck, kimchi and fried chicken, mapo dofu, and mantou buns, it's hard to go wrong. Did I mention cilantro-lime margaritas? I recently went for a cousin night with Britta, from Britta Marie Photography, and it was the perfect way to kick off the fall season. Good company. Good music. Good drinks. And good food!

Special thanks to Britta Marie Photography for the pictures.