Reckless Love.

As I sit here writing this article, I am allowing myself to enjoy a nice big glass of wine. And no, I am not writing this on Friday morning, so don't worry, I am not drinking before I go into work. It wasn't until after a glass that I noticed the writing on the back of the bottled:

We made this bottle as a
tribute to the brave few
who rush into blind love
and shameless nights.

It's for your friend who
loses all common sense and
self-control when they
meet someone. If a friend
doesn't come to mind,
that's probably because
it's you.

We hand crafted this
velvety California blend
to pair perfectly with
wild nights and ignoring
your parents' advice.

So grab this glow-in-the-
dark bottle. Pop the cork.
And go French kiss a

Okay Rebel Coast Winery, I get you. Since when do I get emotionally impacted by writings on the back of wine bottles? But of here I am, being emotionally impacted. I started thinking, am I living life with reckless love? Love for my job. Love for my friends and family. Love for my imperfections. Love for the dreams and goals that I have. In some cases, yes, I believe that I can say that I live with a reckless love, but in others I would say that it is safe to say that I am not putting forth everything I have. There is always more we can do. More we can give to others. More we can do to push ourselves. More we can do to fight for what we want and what we believe in. 

So, thank you again Rebel Coast Winery. For your delicious bottle of Reckless Love wine. For your ability to make a 29-year old man in Chicago have a moment while writing his blog. 


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