Roasted Pecan Pumpkin Butter

Thank you Jessica at How Sweet It Is...first of all your photography is amazing. Secondly, you continue to provide me with recipes to drool endlessly over, and ones that I want to make over and over again. The only downfall? l began realizing how much I need to start running! I have been lacking in the motivation department since my marathon...however, I will be running the Turkey Trot Half-Marathon on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Perhaps it'd be a good idea to start training again...perhaps.

As we inch towards the end of the year the temperature has been dropping, the leaves falling, and the clocks falling back. Yes, that is right, Daylight Savings has happened! (It's so much better than spring Daylight Savings!) Hopefully you were already aware of this fact, otherwise the past few days must have been pretty messed up for you!

I have to say, waking up Sunday morning and realizing that it was an hour earlier that I thought was the greatest feeling in the world. While I didn't allow myself that extra hour to sleep (I sucked it up and got out of bed), it was nice to have a little extra time to get things accomplished. Praying for a fresh start this fall!

Along with these many joys comes the unbearable urge to eat more and more! I think my body is subconsciously telling itself that we need to stretch out my stomach in preparation for Thanksgiving. It IS only 15 days away, after all!

Pecans + pumpkin + maple syrup = mouth-watering deliciousness!

This little nugget of joy was so delicious, that its presence has been requested at our family Thanksgiving gathering! My only complaint, which unfortunately can't really be dealt with, is the price of nuts. 1 pound of pecans tends of be rather expensive... Price complaints aside, this was delicious! I found the pecan flavor to be a little overbearing so I played around with the ingredients...added a little more maple syrup, a touch more pumpkin spice. Don't be afraid to make this your own!

Until next time...happy eating!

Roasted Pecan Pumpkin Butter

1 pound (16 ounces) unsalted pecans 3 tablespoons pumpkin puree (or you can try pumpkin butter!) 1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice 1 1/2 tablespoons maple syrup 1/4 teaspoon salt (or more to taste) 1-2 teaspoons flavorless oil (like grapeseed/canola), if needed

  1. Preheat oven to 300°F.
  2. Spread the pecans out on a baking sheet and bake for 15 minutes, flipping every 5 minutes. Once roasted, add pecans to a food processor and blend and pulse, scraping down the sides of the processor until the butter comes together - about 5-6 minutes. Add in pumpkin, spices, syrup and salt, pureeing and blending more until your desired consistency is reached. If needed, stream in oil 1 teaspoon at a time to bring the butter together and smooth it out a bit.
  3. Taste and season more if needed (this will depend on your pecans, your syrup, etc), then place in a seal-tight container or jar to serve. Store in the fridge if this butter will not be consumed within 1-2 weeks.