Royal Palms | Brooklyn, NY.

Royal Palms Shuffleboard

514 Union Street Brooklyn, NY 11215

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Here we are approaching rooftop season. The sun is out. Sunglasses on. Pale thighs showing their ghastly selves. Rosé and cocktails in hand. It's simply the natural progression of seasons. As quickly as the temperature passes that 60 degree mark, so too, do we forget that winter ever happened.

But what did we do all of those long cold months?

Besides the obvious Netflix and Chill, there's always going to a bar or restaurants, perhaps a movie or museum, but what if I wanted to actually do something? And by "something" I mean some physical activity that makes me feel less like a pale whale in the dead of winter.

When I was in New York City this past February, it was brutally cold. Coming from a Chicagoan, I think this says a lot. While it wasn't quite as bad, it reminded me of the infamous Polar Vortex of 2011. Remember those -50 degree days? Well, it wasn't that cold in NYC, but it was close enough. After living in Manhattan, and not visiting Brooklyn often, if at all, it was a nice change of pace to stay with a friend in the Crown Heights neighborhood. Did you guys know that there is actually life beyond Manhattan!?

Having had enough of apartment life, we braving ventured out and found our way to Royal Palms, a shuffleboard bar in Brooklyn. I walked in and immediately thought, Holy cow - I can drink and play games?! I think I'm in heaven. No longer did I have to worry about those wintertime blues. I could enjoy a night out, doing summer activities, all while drinking, listening to music and enjoying the company of friends.