St. Patrick's Day is in five days...what do you have planned?


What was once a day to celebrate Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland has turned into a day of bagpipes, green beers, rivers dyed green, and all things Irish. When I was in college I depended on Unofficial to celebrate the day. Several years later, here I am, almost 28 years old, being an adult, living in the city, working a real job. I must party like an adult right? Well, not necessarily.

Chicago may not have the reputation for celebrating St. Patrick's Day quite like Boston, but you better believe Chicagoans know how to do it right.  I've come up with a few suggestions on how to spend your St. Patrick's Day (whether or not you are living in Chicago, these can still apply to you!):

| Dye the River Green |

| Best Irish Pubs in America |

This list includes pubs from across the U.S. (Emmit's & Cork and Kerry are in Chicago!)

| Dance to an Irish Jig |

Clearly not doing any dance remotely similar to this, but all in the name of fun!

| Drink an Irish's Car Bomb |

| Eat Corned Beef & Cabbage |

Seriously, throw in a slice or four of soda bread and you've won me over.

enjoy. be safe. and sláinte!